Hello Flow

Dear Trees,

Sometimes we’ll behold the stillness of time upon water, when it is the most serene of surfaces!

And sometimes water teaches us through wild seas. This adventure of preparing and setting sail the Latorica Ship has had it’s death-traps, those passages full of shadows, where survival reveals in oneself. I have often wanted to rest in the arms of a beloved, but that is not the initiatory path of a medial woman. She will learn to individuate and from then only can she love the world. Her power is her heart.

I know a few of these medial women, let’s visit them one day soon, their stories are magical and good to listen to.

Some studio ponderings…

You’ve got to give back to it, look after the place that looks after you.

How do you look after your water source? Do you plant trees? Call clouds in? Converse?

Confluence is a beautiful word. A beautiful motion too. This is the way of water.


“Do something today for tomorrow” said her friend the Pirate, afloat in the world. Ilka x

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