Latorica is a unique, progressive and earth-centric educational platform and artist studio featuring the writings, art, and consulting services of Creative Ecologist and thought-leader, Ilka Blue.

Latorica inspires the co-cultivation of “healthy land; healthy people” by offering a highly intuitive yet cerebral tapestry of storytelling, creative/strategic consulting, workshops, and solution-based healing for people, planet, and the systems that connect them (or fail to).


Cloud Tales – Volume One is on sale now. It's a beautiful limited edition book complete with 12 hand-painted drawings, a special gift for yourself or someone you love. 
Cloud Tales, shares the adventures of Cloud, a magical being who returns to Earth to help us remember how to heal, and how to love. This is water storytelling for the soul. A wonderfully rich and imaginal series, Cloud offers gentle guidance and steady hope in a space of deep honesty about the fears and perils of being alive at this time...
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