My Oma died earlier this year, began her journey as Jupiter entered Scorpio. She always did like intensity. I have inherited all her Astrology books. Hers was a different time in Astrology. I’m going to take some time to read these books and then I’ll return to offering readings around the time Jupiter moves on to Sagitarious.

Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary Astrology looks at the Moon’s nodes as a person’s path of evolution this lifetime. The other planet’s in the chart, especially Pluto, signal the support and challenges faced along the evolutionary path. Put simply, your birth chart is your road-map to your soul’s evolution, which means fulfilling your potential.

Put poetically, we are printed on the sky when we are born, right there in the sky above. It’s a print that will always exist and echo throughout time. How do you own that? How do you pass that up? This is a planetary gift that will always call you back home. And that is magic in a world so sad with disconnection.

I’m a third generation astrologer, but it took a little tinkling by Pluto, who crossed my path with Kaypacha’s (the beloved astrologer of New Paradigm Astrology), to help me find my gift, and what a gift indeed!

At the end of a workshop with him (Kaypacha, not Pluto), I exclaimed “this is the best school ever!” to which he smiled and replied, “I think it’s because you’re a natural astrologer Ilka”. My fate was cast.

Thanks Pluto, I’m listening!


“Ilka is an extraordinary human being! During a particularly clouded period of my life she revealed to me what I was hiding from myself. I spent the better part of my life shying away from my essence, and through her astrological reading, wise words, and holding of space, I heard everything I needed to hear at the time to come out of my shell and become the person I’m meant to be. Truthfully I was skeptical of astrology, but Ilka is a legitimate guru and I have nothing but praise for her.”
Ryan Henwood-White

“I would highly recommend Ilka’s services. She circumnavigates natal charts like an astronaut. Her generosity and infectious smile make her readings all the more enjoyable. You’re in capable hands SIT BACK & ENJOY…”
Dela Martin

“An Astrology reading with Ilka shows you the potential opportunities, where changes can be made, where habitual patterns could resurface or new challenges arise. There’s no denial of life’s shadows but an embracing of the life force. She brought Astrology alive for me, with my life path or chart, as an interactive crucible for possibility rather than a rigid, fixed, or predestined thing.”
Chloe Pringle

“Ilka is a genuine, heartfelt, perceptive individual and her astrological reading was phenomenal. A significant tragedy had occurred in my life just prior to Ilka’s reading and she saw this in my chart before we met via Skype. Her reading was life affirming and provided me with practical strategies to move through my personal tragedy. Ilka’s gifted astrology reading showered me with blessings.”
Sarah Edwards