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My curiosity to discover life’s potential has led me on many adventures; I’ve wandered most of my adult life seeking diverse work experiences, and as such I’ve met a kaleidoscope of people and crafted an interesting set of skills. There was a moment when I felt regret for not specialising in something, but then I realised I understand complexity and intuit nature better than most, and that’s what I’m passionate about, revealing the beauty of the world in all it’s diversity!

Briefly, I have a Masters of Arts (research) and a background in arts and environmental communications working with government, industry, academia, NGO’s and the community sector. I’ve advised on UN projects and delivered workshops internationally on the intersection of mythology, nature and transdisciplinarity. I also build websites, make videos and give astrology readings. So perhaps somewhere in my mix of services you’ll find what you’re looking for, if not get in touch, because I always love a new challenge!

Creative Ecology

Creative Ecology explained simply, is working with environmental crises by addressing underlying cultural issues. It involves creative practice and thinking. But if it’s easier to understand just think of it as green consulting with a flair.

Currently I’m working on the GreenPrints project with the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA), which I’ll feature on the Latorica website in 2018 (sign up to the newsletter to be kept informed). However, I like to hear about new projects and collaborations, so get in touch if you have something I can help with.

“Ilka is one of those people you meet throughout your career that changes the way you think, for the better. Ilka and I worked together on one of Australia’s largest master-planned community projects, Ellenbrook and she was commissioned to make connections between the residents and the local environment.

The project had maintained significant bushland areas, and Ilka managed to affect cultural change to help our residents see this bushland as beautiful, precious and culturally significant whilst also creating several community programmes based around sustainable living.

Ilka has a quiet determination, off-the-charts intelligence and a strong work ethic that ensures the job gets done. If you are serious about creating a “green project” that is grounded in reality and commercialism, get this woman on your consultancy team immediately.”
Justine Montford, Vice President Of Development at ZRZ Realty

Websites & Comms

To fund my practice I build websites, develop communication packages (including social media), and design marketing collateral such as branding/ business cards/ document templates.

A 5 page website build (including setting up hosting etc) costs around $1100. Marketing and comms work can be worked on at an hourly rate of $40AUD or an agreed project fee.

TIDE Website

ChandlerWoods Website

“Ilka is an extraordinarily creative and artistic person who worked her magic to transform the online profile of the Asia Pacific Centre for Sustainable Enterprise (APCSE) at Griffith University. In less than 12 months, the number of hits on the website and the number of followers and connections on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have increased several hundred percent. Aside from her social media savviness, I also found Ilka to be an all round excellent colleague; hard working, sensitive in her interpersonal communication, a critical thinker, deep green in terms of her personal philosophy, and the owner of a great sense of humour.”
Jeremy Williams, Academic Director at Asian International College-India


Facilitating a Deep Ecology Workshop – Floating Land Festival, 2011.

If I can help you toward your potential, I’d love to. Here are a few options:

  • astrology readings
  • planning & organisation
  • whole-systems connection
  • deep ecology worshops
  • tailored mentoring


Writing & Research

I love writing! I’ve written a thesis, hundreds of letters, and crafted articles for magazines such as Art Monthly and eARTh Magazine. I was even a regular columnist for Wildlife Australia Magazine for a year (I loved that gig!).

I also help folk with grant writing, especially Artists. I’ve sat on OzCo Assessment panels so I can help you articulate your selling point in the right language.

I’m very thoughtful when it comes to writing, it’s my more serious side, so if you’re looking for words or research and have the time and courage that quality requires, I’d love to work with you.

Article in eARTh Magazine, 2013 – pg 56-59.