Latorica is a creative ecology studio.

It's a place of story, where land and water always come first.

Magic happens here, slowly.


The Ecological

"How can we begin to move toward ecological and cultural sustainability if we cannot even imagine what the path feels like?" Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Poetics

In the old way of the word, storytelling is a magical tool, creating connection through metaphor. Metaphors by their very nature, house multiple access points, which means many different ways of knowing (or people) can meet in the same story. Beautiful!

The Scientific

Humans are a complex adaptive species, meaning we adapt to survive and evolve. Our main tool for adaptation is the induction process in our brain (put simply this is pattern-making), and our primary tool for reading patterns, is storytelling. Pretty cool!

So old-time storytelling is full of magic. A magician then, is someone who trusts time, hears its rhythm, they know how to reveal and thus share the illusion. A storyteller is someone who speaks that illusion into life. And a mythteller is someone who knows the many stories deeply, and tells of the great connecting pattern as our relationship with earth. If they happen by your campfire, something is afoot.

Storytelling Beyond the Anthropocene

I've wandered around the world, searching, seeking, exploring places, people and projects that might help me help a world I was born into - which to my taste is too toxic. I found and gathered some things. Then I wrote a thesis 'Storytelling Beyond the Anthropocene: a quest through the crisis of ecocide toward new ecological paradigms'. Now I live in the bush and slowly learn from the non-human. That's the short story of where Latorica sources it's metaphors. What Latorica does is a whole other story, rummage through this website of offerings and you might piece it together.


Images of 'Storytelling Beyond the Anthropocene' thesis, Ilka Blue & collaborating Artists.

Evolution by Leah Barclay for 'Storytelling Beyond the Anthropocene'.