Cloud Tales

A few years back I started drawing cartoons based around a character called ‘Cloud’. As you can imagine, she’s all water!

Then I decided to share her poetic adventures exclusively with the folk on Latorica’s mailing list.

So if you sign up to Cloud’s Tales, semi-regularly you will receive a little tale in you inbox – nothing to click, no reams to read, no actions to support or causes to digest: just a gentle little sojourn in a magical world with Cloud. It’s feel-good magic for your inbox!

Here’s an example of one of Cloud’s tales below:

Cloud Remembers

After her return to Earth, Cloud takes guidance from the stars who navigate her towards a sorrowful river. Kneeling at the waters edge, Cloud remembers how the rivers of the world once flowed, once sparkled, once kept the sacred secrets of life. Cloud cries, her tears of grief are full of love, they ripple with healing. So it is.

Cloud Tales