Latorica Studio

Latorica Studio is my playground for mixing: mythology, astrology, creative ecology, transdisciplinarity, whole-systems-thinking, listening, indigenous learning and decolonisation, water-whispering, walking, campfire conversations, baking, lantana clearing, dancing, singing and ceremony – it’s pretty much my life’s work – exploring human potential in the world greater than humans.

Ilka Blue

Hi, I’m Ilka Blue. I live amongst the trees of the Border Ranges, Northern NSW Australia, also known as Githabul Country by the First Australians, whom I have deep respect for.

I’m a big-picture thinker, an empath, and I’m learning that DOING is more critical than KNOWING (a big lesson for a philosopher such as I). So I live off-grid and am working at growing my own food.

I love water, campfires, the night sky, finding alternative routes, and helping people, places & projects become their potential.

The Fuel

Money, hmmm. I’ve experimented living without it and it was tough – I realised if I want to remain a part of society then I need a little cash to do so, at least till alternative systems (beginning to sprout thankfully), take hold.

This website exists to help me fuel my practice and help me make a little cash. But I’m also a lover of exchange (services and goods) and eager to work with people for trade. We live the world we want to exist in yeah, so always ask the question and see where it leads…


The world is big! The complexities of 2017, are spawning overwhelming suffering for humans and more. To restore balance, it’s important we each find living examples of wonder, fill our hearts up, and live a good world into being!

Trees are my example. They teach the art of reciprocity – giving and receiving.

Happiness is a forest, like this one I found myself enchanted within, upon Maunga Taranaki, Aotearoa, NZ.